Sabrina T.

Sabrina T.

Educational Background

  • B.A. in Secondary Education with a concentration in English (La Salle University)
  • Masters in School Counseling (Wilmington University)
  • Other certifications:
    • State of New Jersey Teaching Certification
    • State of Pennsylvania Teaching Certification for grades 7-12
    • Italian Language Certification (American Counsel of Foreign Languages)


Educational Philosophy

Education should be a fun experience.  My experiences as a classroom teacher have taught me that in order to be effective, one must be flexible but strict.  As a teacher, I try to encourage my students to pursue their own interests and intermix them with our learning so that our curriculum applies to their everyday life and interests.  This is important so that the student can see real life applications of concepts and ideas as they progress through the core curriculum standards.  Furthermore, I try to activate their own thinking and creativity through discussions and activities.  This helps to create an atmosphere of comfort and interest in learning.  During tutoring sessions, I try to carry these concepts over so that the students are engaged and motivated to continue learning.    


Tutoring Areas of Expertise

  • Seven years teaching experience at Howard M. Phifer Middle School teaching 8th grade language arts
  • 5 years tutoring experience through various programs
  • Apex Learning System (online learning)
  • SAT proctoring


Hobbies & Fun Fact(s)

I am an active person.  I am a certified Spin Instructor and teach up to four classes a week at various gyms.  I also have completed various obstacles such as the Warrior Dash, Broad Street Run, and American Cancer Society Bike a Thon.  I was an avid soccer player and a swimmer and I love to read, cook and drink coffee.  My favorite part of the day is the early morning!