Justin J.

 Justin James

Educational Background

  • B.A. in History (Rowan University)
  • Masters in Special Education (Wilmington University)
  • Other certifications:
    • Elementary K-5 Certification
    • Middle School Social Studies Certification
    • Special Education Certification K-12

Educational Philosophy

Teaching, as well as learning, has never been a “one-way” method for me or for my students. I find that the ultimate goal is to create a life-long learner who is never satisfied with their education and is always fighting to learn more. It is my desire for my students to learn their own learning style and how they can become independently successful by using a variety of skills when approaching any problem in school, as well as in life. I strongly believe in utilizing many methods when teaching a new subject, as to not just understand the base material, but the “deeper-level” understanding that will create a more developed knowledge foundation in which to grow. I am a communicative, extremely energetic teacher who hopes to share that energy and knowledge with the children that I tutor.


Tutoring Areas of Expertise

  • K-8 – Math, Writing, Reading, Science, History, Study Skills, Organizational skills, Standardized Test Prep


Hobbies & Fun Fact(s)

I’m a huge sports fan. I love watching sports as much as I love playing. Some of my favorites include basketball, baseball, football, soccer, along with many others. I also love theater. I am currently the vocal director for Carusi Middle School and also spent some time at Hofstra University studying musical theater.