How To Study

Studying doesn’t have to be boring, dull or difficult. It should be interesting, enjoyable and useful. It all depends on your approach.  Here are some helpful tips to help with studying.
Set Specific Goals
1. It is not enough to say, “I want good grades.”
2. Set a time frame for reaching your goal.
3. Develop a plan of “Action”.
4. Write down your goal and read it every day.
Classroom Skills
1. Be prepared – complete all assigned readings and homework before class.
2. Active listening – focus on what the teacher is saying and the classroom discussion.
3. Ask questions – about anything you don’t understand – you learn through questioning.
4. Take notes – write down all the main points of the lesson.
5. Be an active participant – when you are prepared you can assume an active role in class discussions.
1. Plan a homework schedule – do your homework the same time and place daily.
2. Do your homework in a well-lit, quiet place.
3. Do your homework in a place free of distractions (phone, television, friends).
1. Don’t cram – review a little each day.
2. Set up a time schedule to plan your week of study.
3. Read carefully, review notes, rewrite notes, make lists, make up questions that you think might be on the test.
4. You may find it worthwhile to study and review with a friend.
5. Get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam.
6. Eat breakfast every morning.